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Charge in style. Eliminate all the messy and tangled cords!

An elegant and beautiful charging dock for your Apple Watch. The PREMIUM ONE W1 holds the Apple Watch MagSafe charger firmly in place. The nightstand mode is also possible. So charging is as simple as taking off the watch and dropping it onto the stand. The cable will lead into the tower and appears out of the basic. There is no visible cable groove.


The first docking station for your Apple Watch AND iPhone! The PREMIUM ONE W2 charges on an elegant and beautiful way your Apple Watch and iPhone (5 and 6 series and SE).

The tower has the same sophisticated design as W1. Your iPhone stands next to the watch on a pivoted designed element. The MFI-Lightning Cable is in height adjustable, so it works with practically any case on today's market.



The first and only docking station for your Apple Watch, iPhone AND iPad! The PREMIUM W3 charges 3 devices.

This great and brilliant designed docking station charges your iPhone (5 and 6 series and SE), iPad (Mini and Air) or a 2nd iPhone and your Apple Watch. The MFI-Lightning Cable are combined in the base of the W3. Only 2 cables (1 Lightning and 1 AppleWatch) will leave the base. The micro suction tape will keep the dock in place.

Unique Minimal Design For Your Convenience

IMG_6569-1 Kopie

-- Robyn Oglesby --

Efficient, space saving stand makes it easy to charge all your devices.

If there is one thing I can really get behind, it’s efficiency. I’m finding more and more that time is money and it’s great to be able to do multiple things at once....

-- William Gallagher --

This is the charging stand you want

No more calls: we have a winner.......


-- Andrew Moreno --

 “the dock looks like it could have been made by Apple themselves”

Look no further, this might just be the best multiple Apple dock we have ever reviewed.

-- Jeremy Horwitz --

Enblue’s Premium One W3 is an outstanding all-in-one dock for Apple Watch, iPhone + iPad

PREMIUM ONE  is the best stand I’ve yet seen for the Apple Watch, and quite possibly the best multi-Apple device stand I’ve ever tested, that isn’t idle gushing.

-- Dom Esposito --

The Premium One W2 dual dock is a perfect Apple Watch + iPhone companion [Video]

The good news is, everything fits together seamlessly and no cables are visible from the sides or front of the dock. It’s quite beautiful...